Safe Travels in Italian: Your Ultimate Guide to Wishing Well

DestinationSafe Travels in Italian: Your Ultimate Guide to Wishing Well

Heading to Italy or chatting with Italian buddies? Using native phrases like Safe Travels in Italian can make your conversations more heartfelt. At Mihitravel, we’ll unveil how to perfectly convey your travel well-wishes in Italian, adding that authentic touch to your interactions.

How to say Safe Travels in Italian

The Basic:

How to Say Safe Travels in Italian “Safe travels” in Italian translates to “Fai Buon viaggio!” This phrase is pronounced as boo-on vee-ahg-gyo and is the most common way to wish someone a good journey in Italy.

Safe Travels in Italian
Safe Travels in Italian

Breaking Down the Phrase

  • Fai Imperative for “you do”, informal
  • Buon Good
  • Viaggio Travel

Alternative Wishes for Travelers

Instead of saying “Buon viaggio!”, you can also use “Viaggi sicuri!” which means “safe travels” in Italian.

  • Viaggi: Travel
  • sicuri: safe [siˈkuːri]

Wishing Safe Returns

To hope for someone’s safe return, you can say, “Torna a casa in Sicurezza!” which means “Return home safely!”

For example:

Imagine you’re saying goodbye to an Italian friend after a fun evening at your place. As they’re about to leave and you want to wish them a safe journey home, you can say: “It was great seeing you tonight! Torna a casa in Sicurezza!”

Translated to English, it means: “It was great seeing you tonight! Get home safely!”

For Longer Journeys

For someone embarking on a long journey, you can say, “Viaggio sicuro e Felice!” meaning “Safe and happy travels!”

Adding More Emphasis

For added emphasis or affection, you can elaborate on the standard “safe travels in Italian” wish by saying, “Buon viaggio e predict cura di te!” This means, “Have a good trip and take care of yourself!”

In Everyday Conversations

If you’re chatting with friends or family about their upcoming trip, it’s heartwarming to slip in a “Buon viaggio!” before bidding them goodbye.

Safe Travels in Written Form

Sending postcards, emails, or even text messages? “Buon viaggio!” remains constant in its written shape, making it easy to want for secure Italian travel.

A Gesture of Goodwill

While “Buon viaggio!” is easy, it contains a sentiment of goodwill and care, highlighting the Italian tradition’s emphasis on relationships and proper wishing.


“Divertiti!” – Have amusing!

“Fai attenzione!” – Be cautious!

“Non-vedo l’ora di sentire tutto!” – I can’t wait to hear about it!


With its rich culture and heat, Italy embraces the traveler with open arms. When you desire a person, “Buon viaggio!” it is not just about the literal journey but also about the reviews, testimonies, and memories they will accumulate. So, the next time you need to wish for safe travels in Italian, do not forget that it’s a sentiment that binds hearts across borders.


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